October 3, 2023
"Narcisprince79" & "Slob On Me Knob" Win Global Poker GOAT V Main Events

“Narcisprince79” & “Slob On Me Knob” Win Global Poker GOAT V Main Events


The GOAT V series on Global has wrapped up on night after several weeks of social poker action that saw hundreds of players winning coins and trophies. The series ran -17-Aug. 6 and featured guarantees of 941,000,000 GC and 2,056,500 SC across 216 events.

Some of the GOAT V series winners already highlighted by PokerNews include and , as well as earlier winners like “Nognog”, “Whytry2169”, “Jigsore” and “1BadBeat1”.

The GOAT V series culminated on Aug. 6 with the GC 40,000,000 guaranteed GPC GOAT 31-H: Main Event NLHE and the SC 200,000 guaranteed GPC GOAT 31-H: Main Event NLHE. “Narcisprince79” took down the Coins Main for the top prize of GC 8,519,040, while On Me Knob” won the Sweeps Coins edition for SC 33,900.

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The Gold Coins Main Event cost GC 99,000 to enter and attracted 232 entrants. “Narcisprince79” defeated runner-up “Tekurnegus” (GC 6,264,000) after navigating a final table that included “Amx” (3rd – 4,718,880), “ThreePieceMeal” (4th – GC 3,549,600) and “Stansm” (5th – GC 2,422,080).

Global Poker GOAT V

GPC GOAT Gold Coins Main Event Final Table Results

  1 “Narcisprince79” 8,519,040
  2 “Tekurnegus” 6,264,000
  3 “Amx” 4,718,880
  4 “ThreePieceMeal” 3,549,600
  5 “Stansm” 2,422,080
  6 “Falcon123” 1,879,200
  7 “Mooregolf7” 1,461,600
  8 “Boverb56” 1,044,000
  9 “Libidious” 814,320

Meanwhile, on the Sweeps Coins side of things, the SC 99 buy-in Main Event drew 1,123 runners, including “Mikey D.”, “Kittenofdeath” and “MikeMcD2k”, all of whom made it to the final table.

“Matisland” fell in third place for SC 18,980 before a -up battle between “Slob On Me Knob” and “Betohas” that saw the former coming out on top for SC 33,900 as “Betohas” received SC 25,000 for their runner-up finish.

Global Poker GOAT V

GPC GOAT Sweeps Coins Main Event Final Table Results

  1 “Slob On Me Knob” 33,900
  2 “Betohas” 25,000
  3 “Matisland” 18,980
  4 “CashMoneyJermone” 13,600
  5 “Jave” 9,900
  6 “PokesNHoes” 7,900
  7 “MikeMcD2k” 5,900
  8 “Kittenofdeath” 3,900
  9 “Mikey D.” 2,260

“TARK” Dominates GOAT Sweeps Coins Leaderboard

The Main Event were not the only big winners on Global Poker during the GOAT V series. “TARK” can expect some prizes after a dominant series that brought 2,276.39 points to top the Sweeps Coins leaderboard, ahead of “pitsmeout” (1,965.91), “poiuyt” (1,687.13) and “Dkoot” (1,652.70).

“TARK” led the leaderboard early in the series and managed to hang onto the throughout. Other players who finished in the top ten include “waxydabs” (1,651.08), “cosen3” (1,582.25) and “bigTILTcity” (1,552.22).

GOAT Sweeps Coins Leaderboard Standings

  1 “TARK” 2,276.39
  2 “pitsmeout” 1,965.91
  3 “poiuyt” 1,687.13
  4 “Dkoot” 1,652.70
  5 “waxydabs” 1,651.08
  6 “cosen3” 1,582.25
  7 “bigTILTcity” 1,552.22
  8 “DMAN0825” 1,527.91
  9 “CurbYourLimping” 1,330.80
  10 “6betj7” 1,269.91

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