October 1, 2023
One Lucky PokerStars Player Will Win a Monster-Sized Jackpot in The Deal

One Lucky PokerStars Player Will Win a Monster-Sized Jackpot in The Deal

PokerStars The Deal

Now is the time to The Deal if you have been on the fence about doing so. The gargantuan jackpot could trigger any minute, and you do not want to miss out.

The Deal is a progressive jackpot mini- exclusive to players playing on the EE, EU, and UK licenses. There are two buy-in levels of 7 StarsCoin or 70 StarsCoin, with the latter increasing players' chances of hitting a life-changing jackpot. Not too dissimilar to video poker, The Deal sees players win prizes ranging from 1-500 StarsCoin, and cash prizes ranging from $10 to $300 for making five-card poker hands.

The biggest prizes become possible if you make a royal flush in a 7 StarsCoin or any straight flush when playing in 70 StarsCoin games. Doing so triggers the jackpot round.

Players are guaranteed a substantial cash prize once they are in the jackpot round, but it is the all-important jackpot that everyone wants to . Should the -spinner land on the singular jackpot segment, 50% of the total jackpot is awarded to the winner, with the remaining 50% evenly distributed among all players who tried their luck on The Deal within the 12 hours prior to the jackpot hitting.

Hand 7 StarsCoin 70 StarsCoin
Royal Flush Jackpot Round Jackpot Round
Straight Flush $250 Jackpot Round
Four of a Kind $30 $300
Full House 500 StarsCoin $75
Flush 100 StarsCoin $25
Straight 50 StarsCoin $10
Three of a Kind 25 StarsCoin 300 StarsCoin
Two Pair 7 StarsCoin 70 StarsCoin
One Pair 2 StarsCoin 10 StarsCoin
Ace High 1 StarsCoin No prize

Cast your mind back to January 2018 when PokerStars player “zuziek79” found their account balance overflowing thanks to hitting the jackpot in The Deal mini game. The Polish was playing The Deal for the very first time when the wheel landed on the jackpot segment, awarding them $287,230.45. The jackpot was $538,000 when “zuziek79” triggered it, so imagine the colossal size of the winnings one PokerStars player will enjoy now that The Deal jackpot stands are over $787,000. Should The Deal jackpot go now, the winner will walk away with more than $393,500 and do so for as little as 7 StarsCoin!

Playing The Deal Is +EV For PokerStars Players

Online poker sites often bleat on about promotions being incredible value, and PokerStars is no different. However, PokerNews has run the calculations and can tell you that, now that The Deal jackpot is so high, playing the game has a positive expectation; playing The Deal is +EV. That's correct, it is mathematically profitable to play The Deal right now!

Playing The Deal for 7 StarsCoin has an expected value of 11.785 StarsCoin, while playing for 70 StarCoin has an expected value of 117.79 StarsCoin. There not many poker promotions that can legitimately boast about being +EV right off the bat.

PokerStars estimates that by playing The Deal in the 12 hours running up to the jackpot triggering will be worth approximately $65 if the jackpot within that 12-hour window.

Play The Deal Today

Download PokerStars via PokerNews if you do not already have a PokerStars account. Create your free account, make a deposit using the bonus code “STARS600” to receive a 100% match up to $600 first deposit bonus.

United Kingdom residents should use the bonus code “STARS400” for a 100% match up to £400 welcome bonus.

Your first three deposits made within 60 are eligible for the bonus, so long as you enter the relevant bonus code each time. You then have 90 days to release as much of the bonus as possible by earning redemption points. Full details about those redemption points, StarsCoin, and everything else PokerStars-related can be found on the PokerStars website.

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