September 30, 2023
Poker Player Randomly Jams All In for High Stakes on Hustler Casino Live, Gets Owned

Poker Player Randomly Jams All In for High Stakes on Hustler Casino Live, Gets Owned

Hustler Casino Live Poker

There's a new “King” in town on Hustler Casino , and he might just be the wildest player the 's ever seen.

A new player on HCL who goes by the nickname “The King” randomly moved all in during Wednesday's stream for $50,000 in one hand, and sucked out to win the huge pot. And it wasn't the first time he's made that same play, nor was it the last.

During 's stream, the business owner from Kansas went all in for around $25,000 with 64 preflop and exposed his cards before action concluded. “Luda Chris,” a Los Angeles live-stream veteran, made the call with 9x8x, knowing he had the best hand, and took down the pot, sending the impatient poker player home without chips.

Wild Poker Player Back in Action on Hustler Casino Live

The King would return on Wednesday where he picked a random hand — KxJx — to three-bet a $600 raise up to $50,000 and received a call from “Yoda,” who had AxKx in the hole and $29,000 total. The board ran out Kx9x10xJxJx, giving The King a winning full house for a $60,000 pot suck-out.

The gamble in The King didn't stop there. On the final hand of the stream, he decided to for his entire $88,000 stack against “Pepe,” who had him covered.

After the dealer pitched the cards to each player, The King turned over K8 and Pepe exposed just the 9, leaving his second card a surprise to the rest of the players at the table. The RFID reader had already picked up his second hole card, however, which was the 7.

The flop came out 7K7, quite a cooler considering this was a heads-up pot. But The King was feeling confident his opponent was nearly drawing dead or to a backdoor draw given the exposed card he saw.

“Give me your , you gotta give me your money,” The King said as he taunted Pepe.

The turn 5 and 10 changed nothing. Pepe then slammed his unexposed hole card on the table and shouted, “ship it,” before scooping the $176,000 pot. That was the end of the road for The King, who exited the stage at Hustler Casino in Los Angeles down almost $40,000 for the .

If Pepe didn't have that seven in the hole (or a king), The King would have booked a win instead.

On his way out the door, The King attempted to shake hands with and say goodbye to Pepe, who ignored him and refused to respond. Pepe was only up a small amount prior to that six-figure flip, but finished the stream with a $102,000 profit.

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