October 1, 2023
Spraggy Takes Down Brighton Main Event to Win First UKIPT Title (£69,120)

Spraggy Takes Down Brighton Main Event to Win First UKIPT Title (£69,120)

Benjamin Spragg

The PokerStars UKIPT Brighton Event, running at the Rendezvous Casino, has reached its conclusion.

A total of 352 entries were recorded across three starting flights, which made for a prize pool of £337,920. Of those, 54 players made it through to Day 2 to lock up the £1,640 min-cash. Six players returned to the final table for Day 3.

In the end, PokerStars Team Online Pro Benjamin conquered the field to earn £69,120 in prize money and the trophy, taking down his first ever UKIPT event.

“I'm genuinely really emotional,” said . “I didn't think I would be because there was such a good atmosphere at the final table, it didn't feel like a final table. Having Adam [McKola] there and other players I know, it didn't feel that intense.”

Benjamin Spragg

Adam McKola, who started the day at the bottom of the pack in terms of chips, made a comeback to eventually finish third in the event and obtain his first major cash in live poker. The PokerStars ambassador and football influencer takes home £30,110 for his win.

Dominik Nitsche, who is fifth on Germany's all- money with over $20 million in live tournament cashes, started the day as chip leader and continued to play aggressively throughout the final table, losing and gaining chips until he eventually met with Spragg heads-up.

Spragg came into the heads-up match with a significant chip lead, but Nitsche doubled up with a straight to bring it even. Spragg then called Nitsche's river bluff to all but win the event, leaving Nitsche with just a 5,000 chip left. He won the event the very next hand.

Nitsche earned £42,150 for second place and Spragg claimed the top prize of £69,120 for first, along with his first ever UKIPT trophy.

“It's unbelievable. I've been UKIPT's since 2011 and to win one…I'm lost for words,” said Spraggy.

UKIPT Brighton Main Event Final Table Results

1 Benjamin Spragg United Kingdom £69,120
2 Dominik Nitsche Germany £42,150
3 Adam McKola United Kingdom £30,110
4 Oliver Hutchins United Kingdom £23,160
5 Alessandro Spina Italy £17,820
6 Sebastian Gohr United Kingdom £13,700
7 Jun Beum Chun South £10,540
8 Stewart Kirby United Kingdom £8,690
9 Oscar Tompsett United Kingdom £7,240
UKIPT Brighton Final Table

Final Day Recap

Six players returned to the felt for the final day of action in the UKIPT Brighton Main Event.

McKola doubled through Alessandro Spina early on. Spraggy then doubled up against Sebastian Gohr with aces and eliminated Gohr a few hands later, again holding pocket aces. Gohr had to settle for sixth place and £13,700 in prize money. Meanwhile, McKola and Spraggy were back into serious contention.

Spina lost a huge pot against Nitsche's two pair. Spina managed to spin up his short stack a couple of times before running into McKola's pocket jacks and busting. Spina finished in fifth place for £17,820.

Power Path Silver Pass Winner Oliver Hutchins was next to go. He got it in good against Nitsche, but Nitsche paired his hand to double up and leave Hutchins short. Hutchins then got his chips in against McKola, who hit two pair to bust his opponent. Hutchins finished in fourth place for £23,160.

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Action went three-handed and by this point Spraggy had accumulated a significant chip lead. McKola was in second, with Nitsche close behind. Nitsche doubled through Spragg before McKola ran into Spraggy's pocket queens to bust the event in third place for £30,110.

Spragg and Nitsche went heads-up and Spraggy still held on to a chip lead of more than 2-1. A split pot saved Nitsche from an early exit and moments later he doubled up with a straight to bring the close to even.

Spragg then picked off Nitsche's river bluff with a pair of jacks to leave Nitsche with just a single 5,000 chip behind. The following hand it was all over. Spraggy held up and Nitsche was eliminated in second place for £42,150.

You can read the full interview with Spraggy here on PokerStars Blog.

Benjamin Spragg

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